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About the Avighna Project

Project Avighna was a flower collection drive from 30+ Ganpati Pandals from 1st September-10th September across the city of Mumbai, and 40 team members and volunteers, all aged 15-17, worked tirelessly through the 11 days of the Ganpati festivals to collect flower waste from Ganpati pandals, and all this waste was sent for recycling to their partners. They were successful in collecting 200 kilograms of flowers. Flowers are auspicious in the Indian culture, and they are offered to Gods on various occasions. However, people often forget the after-use of these flowers, and more often than we can count, these flowers
are sent to landfills. Hence, they at Ayika decided to step up and collect this flower waste for recycling.

Let’s see what our Avighna Project was all about

Creating a sustainable future for humans and animals