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This is Our Hardworking Team


Siya Joshi

Siya Joshi is a 16 year old from Mumbai, India. She has a keen interest in speech and art and has been thriving on art since a very young age. She has a very creative mind and her management skills are remarkable. She has participated in various competitions and MUNs which let off her skills to enhance. Furthermore, on learning about the recent environmental problems, she is highly concerned and wishes to make an impact through Ayika Foundation.


Litisha Bagadia

Litisha Bagadia is a 16 year old from Mumbai. Her interests range from baking, writing, reading to travelling, entrepreneurship, computer science and exploring. She is pragmatic and tackles every problem head on. She thrives on intellectual conversations and loves discussing new ideas with people. She is determined, reliable, persuasive, and honours commitments. She is deeply concerned about the recent climate change and aims to bring a difference through Ayika Foundation.


Manav Sharma

Director of Content Writing

Aryan Kaushal


Shaurya Sawant

Ideation Director

Sraavani Varanasi


Sanskar Pathak

Social Media Director

Jeslin Joy


Arnav Nathani

Co-Director of Ideation

Aastha Yadav

Research Intern

Ruthu G

IT Director

Bhavya Darji

Content Creator

Tia Kamath

IT Director and Delhi Chapter Head

Achintya Pasricha

Content Writing Intern

Ria Damani

PR Intern

Dorcas Adetunji

Marketing Intern

Virajas Deshmukh

Marketing Intern

Swati Sharma

Project Director

Prince Dey Emanuel

Content Writing Intern

Shashidhar Prabhu

Project Director

Dhruv Malhotra

Content Writing Intern

Arya Nadkarni

PR Intern

Kripa Gyawali

Research Intern

Aryan Kumar

Marketing Intern

Akanksha Debb

Finance Officer

Jay Vekariya

PR Intern

Krish Goradia

Content Writing Intern

Krish Khandwala

Content Writing Intern

Reina Gangwal

PR Intern

Raina Vohra

Outreach Intern

Siyaa Chaturvedi

Social Media Manager

Naveli Mehta

Content Writer

Ziya Nandu

Creating a sustainable future for humans and animals