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About our Beachify Project

Mumbai’s Juhu Beach is one of the most crowded beaches and witnesses lacs in the crowd every single day. The more the crowd, the more is the waste strewn around a public place like a beach. A lot of this waste gets accumulated in water, causing harm to marine life–it has become more important than ever to take some concrete steps to combat land pollution. Ayika Foundation, therefore, conducted a massive beach cleaning drive on the 17th of July to clear 100 kgs of waste at Juhu Beach.

Our campaign was not just a usual beach cleanup, but rather a 3 step environmentally sustainable campaign:
• Collection of waste: Our group of 80 volunteers will gathered to clean up the waste that is strewn around at Juhu Beach and spent 2 hours collecting all the waste from a 500 m expanse on the
• Segregation of waste: We divided the waste into 2 categories—wet waste and dry waste.
• Recycling of waste: We are partnered with The Recycling Company to recycle the waste that was collected at the beach cleanup.

An Insight into our Beachify Project

Creating a sustainable future for humans and animals